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My dream as a journalist has always been to pursue investigative reporting and I am excited when I get the opportunity to do thoroughly researched features. I find it deeply satisfying to bring these stories to life. For example, I reported a story for Pacific Standard about domestic violence along the Keystone XL pipeline in North Dakota. Such stories are arduous and I can’t do them every day, but they are the projects that keep me inspired to do this job.

From day to day, I write about a variety of topics — anything from improving your bike fitness to choosing the best beer for summer. I’m currently the food and drink columnist for Outside Magazine and I’ll be honest: I love food. My work at Bicycling and Runner’s World combines my interests in journalism with my long-standing passions of running, cycling and triathlon.

I am always looking for new opportunites and I am most interested in working on editorial features for both print and online media. If you have other writing projects in mind, feel free to reach out, but know that my priority remains editorial and reporting projects.


Here is a selection of my work.

Can the Marathon Save Coal Country?
With its mines closing, West Virginia’s Tug Valley is looking elsewhere to power its future, and it sees runners

Women fighting forest fires say abuse is rife – but men often go unpunished
Women in the US Forest Service love what they do. But they also describe a toxic male environment that tolerates, and even promotes, their harassers

Let’s Try a Triathlon
Craving a new challenge? Try a triathlon, which incorporates swimming, biking and running all in one race. With more than 3.5 million participants worldwide, triathlons are more about personal goals than competition.

Why Female River Guides Aren’t Welcome in the Grand Canyon
Last winter, a federal government report acknowledged a long-standing pattern of sexual harassment against female river guides employed by the National Park Service in the Grand Canyon. Here, three former Park Service river guides recount what they endured, and discuss what needs to change.

What Would Happen if All the Bees Died Tomorrow?

It’s not just about honey shortages, of course.

How to Tell If That Fish Behind the Counter Is Actually Fresh​
​Twice a week, your protein should come from fresh or salt water. Here’s our guide to smart shopping​

This Is Your Body on Cycling
Riding makes you smarter, burns mega calories, and builds a stronger heart and enviable quads. Here’s how to maximize every minute, from the moment you hop on your bike to the second you hit the shower.


The Doctor Won’t See You Now
Concierge medicine serves the ridiculously rich at the expense of everyone else.

The Human Cost of Keystone XL
In North Dakota’s oil boomtowns, rape, sex trafficking, and domestic violence rates are spiking, with American Indian women suffering the most. Now tribes along the Keystone XL pipeline route worry that the violence could be headed their way—and tribal police may be unable to stop it.


Cyclists: Shaving Makes You Faster
That’s right. Some Specialized engineers have proven that shaved legs are faster than furry ones. So next time your girlfriend hassles you about your shiny calves, tell her science is on your side.

Have We Reached Peak PBR?
Yes, trouble is brewing in hipster paradise.


The FDA is Coming for Your Cheese
New regulations stink more than Camembert de Normandy

Finding Her Strength
After a difficult marriage, Fit and Feminist blogger Caitlin Constantine reclaimed ownership of her body through endurance sports.

Road Rules
The unwritten code of conduct for running girlfriends. What’s said on the run stays on the run and other running rules from girls who rock.

Laugh Hard, Run Hard, Repeat
How To Survive A Girl’s Race Weekend And Still Love Your BFFs Come Monday

Heroes of Running: Ashleigh Baker
Baker organized an annual 5K to help donate shoes to underprivileged children.

Even Slow Music Can Make You Faster
A new study finds that motivational tunes come in many speeds.

Oh Cramp!
A muscle cramp can stop you in your tracks-but with science on your side, you can fix it fast.

The Athletes at the Senior Games 2013 in Florida Will Amaze You
The Golden Years bring golden medals for the athletes at the Florida senior Games

Will Cycling In Southwest Florida Ever Be Safe?
Tempers are at an all-time high, here’s what you need to know when cycling


Ask the Swim Coach:
Perfecting freestyle form

A Day in the (Wild) Life:
Inside the Big Cypress

A walk in the woods: Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition traipsing through the state
Team of four taking 100-day, 1,000-mile trek through Florida to prove green spaces are connected and need to stay that way.

Copeland’s Hidden Village
Where faith and family still come first

How to Find the Right Gym for You
More people join gyms in January than in any other month. But not all of them will stick around. So how do you make sure you’re still showing up come August?

16 Gift Ideas for Triathletes
Triathletes love gear. If you’re not in the sport though, knowing what to get your swim-bike-and-run-obsessed spouse or buddy can be a little overwhelming. Stick these training and racing tools under the tree and set your favorite racer up for a happy and (more importantly) fast 2015.

4 Ways to Make Your Treadmill Work Harder
Treadmills are miserable machines. There’s no scenery, fresh air, and time just crawls on them. But where there’s misery, there’s money to be made, and app designers and treadmill manufacturers are on it.

Florida Panthers: Swim to Survive?
With their living space south of the Caloosahatchee River contracting, panthers may have to cross it to keep their population viable.

Might Our Ecosystem Crash?
A look at the dangers, as climate change takes its toll

Cluck Over This: The Chickens of Southwest Florida
More and more, people are raising chickens in their backyard and reaping high-quality eggs.

Pitching My Startup
What our writer learned about winning over investors.

Hot Topic:
Co-Working Space

Prognosis, Affordable Health Care
As the landmark legislation continues to roll out, hospitals are worried about the financial consequences.


Climate Scientists Are for Real—Video Project Shows They’re Parents, Neighbors, Just Like You
The project offers climate scientists a chance to speak to the public for themselves.

These 3 Colleges Stopped Investing in Fossil Fuels—One Year Later, Their Endowments Are Doing Just Fine
Colleges argue that divestment is not financially responsible—but those who’ve already done it say the risk is minimal.

How Craft Beer Brewers Brought Bottle Recycling to Montana
Glass is a pain in Montana’s, uh, recycling program. But the craft brew industry is on the case.

Get Off Your Ass With Out-of-the-Saddle Intervals

How to train for explosive, standing power

How to Fuel Up While Riding
Hungry? Don’t wait until you can pull off to the side of the road. These six tips from USA Cycling elite-level coach, Jill Gass, will help you eat and drink on the go.

7 Signs You’re Riding Too Hard—and What to Do About It
How to keep your training in check, and your body from hitting bottom

Of Bunnies and Babes
An Essay on Food Ethics

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  1. AC,

    I was very glad to see my hometown of Knoxville, TN listed in the top 50 Best Bike Cities in America article. In the article, you mention that the city created mountain biking trails within riding distance of town. Our trail system was actually created with thousands of volunteer hours by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC). We will be celebrating 11 years of building trails in Knoxville this coming November 3rd with our annual Fall Fest. Approximately 2000 mountain bikers will enjoy guided rides, a silent auction, live music, cold beer and a late night outdoor silent disco. It’s a pretty spectacular event We’d love to host you if you have any interest in covering an amazing event!


    October 11, 2018
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